A Touch Of Evil

I just recently picked up a new board game from Flying Frog Productions, a Supernatural Thriller game that takes place at the dawn of the 19th century in the small village of Shadowbrook.  A mysterious evil has been committing murder and its up to the player to stop it before evil claims the souls of the town elders and darkness falls on the land.

Since I picked it up I’ve only had a chance to try it once so I don’t have a real option on it yet since I like to get at least three games under my belt before I place judgement on a game.  I will say this, Flying Frog Productions does a great job with the presentation as is usual for their line.  The play cards are made of study stock with great photoshop art.  The miniatures are well made and each character players have to choose from are fleshed out enough to give players a great chance to have fun with them.

Our initial game involved us battling against the horrors of The Scarecrow and we were lucky enough to win even though we refused to work together as a group.   All in all it was a fun time.  I’ll post a more in depth review after a few more games.  Until then here are some photos I took of the game.


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