Kirby: Genesis

Jack Kirby.  Just the mention of the name can drum up a number of responses from the average comic fan. The undisputed King of Comics, Co-Creator of some of the most famous Marvel and DC characters created, ranging from The Fantastic Four to The New Gods, Jack Kirby’s stable of creations didn’t just end with what was published by the Big Two.  Its been recently announced that Dynamite Entertainment will be publishing a book utilizing many of Kirby’s creations in one “kirbyverse” entitled Kirby: Genesis with the creative forces of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross behind the title.…mind!  Just the teaser images I’ve seen so far have me chomping at the bit for this title.  Already I can see some of the characters Topps Comics launched in the early nineties in “Secret City Saga”, Silver Star from Pacific Comics and many I haven’t seen before.  All i can say is that this has A LOT of potential if handled correctly.  And with the passion and creativity of both Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross along with the backing by the Kirby Estate this could be the next big thing and I can wait!


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