Flashpoint Issue 1 of 5

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Andy Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: 3.99

Its spring, the sun is shining in the sky, time to open all our windows and air out our homes and breath in new fresh air.  Unless your a comic fan, then its just time for another comic event and old ideas being rehashed for a buck.

Ok, that was a bit harsh.  I admit I’ve become quite jaded on the concept of comic events and while I feel both Marvel and DC have had some success over the past few years with some quality stories for their summer events it seems like this year both companies are trying but not quite hitting the mark.  Marvel has Fear Itself which is ok so far but nothing to write home about and now DC is launching Flashpoint.  Their Flash Focused event of 2011.  Lets be clear on something here, DC is taking a real chance with this type of event.  The Flash has never been the focal point on any major story event of this size to my knowledge and to bank roll everything on the fans loyalty to the Silver Age Barry Allen is a big step.  I for one have never been a Barry Allen fan, always a Wally West fan, since Kid Flash had the cooler costume in my mind and my experience with his character in the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez solidified him as the Flash of my generation.  DC has always been big on the generational heros so in my mind, to take Barry Allen who had a full and complete story arc and to bring him back is just a waste.  But thats another rant for another day.  This is about Flashpoint so lets get to it.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the relaunch of Flash by Geoff Johns theres a few things you need to know.  The Reverse Flash is back, having mastered the Speed Force in such a way that he was able to help engineer Barry Allen’s return from the Speed Force into the DCU, he also has learned to master many time based powers as well.  With the Speed Force he was able to run back in time and kill Barry Allen’s Mother while he was very young just to piss him off.  I only bring this up because one of our “shock” moments in Flashpoint 1 is finding out his Mother is still alive, but i’m getting ahead of myself.  Flashpoint is at its core DC’s homage to Back to the Future 2, but instend of Marty Mcfly and the Doc realizing that Biff changed time allowing him to be a big casino owner and marry Marty’s mom but instead we have the entirety of the DCU altered by the Reverse Flash by who knows what small change he caused but everything is different and only Barry Allen and … dare i say it…Booster Gold, know any different.

In this world we have a Batman who runs a Gotham Vegas Style, Cyborg is our countries biggest hero, Wonder Woman and the Amazons have claimed the United Kingdom as New Themysira and Atlantis and Aquaman have sunk western Europe into the ocean  just because.  We now have heros running around like villains, villains running around like heros and our very world is teetering on the brink because of this mad scheme of the Reverse Flash.  I’m a huge fan of Geoff Johns so I’m going to stick this one out and see how it turns out.  Also, I’m such a huge DC fan that I actually like seeing alternate versions of many of its characters like what he’s doing with SHAZAM, Captain Cold and even Cyborg.  Its tough on new readers who have no past knowledge of these characters and therefore miss some of the shock moments that happen but I’m going to stick with it.  The art and the writing are solid, its just a matter of wether or not this concept can sustain itself for 5 issues as anything more then an elaborate Elsewords story.  Xmen was able to do it with Age of Apocalypse but can DC do the same, we’ll see.


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