DCNew Firestorm


Couldn't find a cover for issue 2 so please enjoy this piece of crap issue one.

Fury of the Nuclear Men #2
Story: Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone
Art: Yildiray Cinar
Colors: Steve Buccellato
Letters: Travis Lanham
Price: $2.99
DC Comics

Cool Costume. Check.

Bitchin Fire Hair. Check.

A title with diversity and youthful characters. Check.

Years of solid story background that can be mined and retold to a new audience starting at ground zero. Check.

So why do we have this horrible attempt at a relaunch on our hands.

I can only imagine that someone on the board of directors for DC must realize that Firestorm has a fan base that would really love to see the character be given a fair shake again but has no idea how to implement it.  Honestly, Firestorm didn’t need much changing after his treatment in Brightest Day, instead it should have launched directly from its pages with Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond dealing with their being the newest incarnation of Firestorm and go from there.  Each character had an interesting background and supporting character list and both were likable enough that even through their problems they got along enough to take on the bad guys.  Instead we get a mess of a comic attempting to relaunch this title from ground zero with Ronnie and Jason meeting for the first time.  Rather then the Pre Flashpoint origin of the classic nuclear accident that fused together Professor Stein and Ronnie Raymond into Firestorm, we have Jason and Ronnie, two high school kids hating on each other for no reason while Jason just happens to have a “magic bottle” given to him by the as of yet unseen Professor Stein that happens to let the two transform into individual Firestorms.  One yellow, one red.  And when their powers combine…becomes “FURY!” the unstoppable hulk of a Firestorm with flame whips dangling from his teats and spouting dialogue like “Duck and Cover!”

Alright…just give me a minute here to compose myself before I fly into a FURY of my own.

Honestly, doesn’t anyone at DC know how to handle this character or even pre read these scripts before ordering up the art?  I can understand a desire to reinterpret a character for a new audience but this just stinks.  Nothing shines on its own.  Instead we have comic consisting of Jason acting like a know it all and hating on Ronnie just for being a jock and throwing around words like “God Atom” and “Firestorm Protocols”.  Honestly, for a character I liked pre Flashpoint, I kind of hate Jason now.  Then we have the fact that in issue two each of the Firestorms know exactly what their abilities are and how to use then in their first battle but have no idea what or how “FURY” works is beyond me.

Its just sad when I see DC attempting to bring back a great character but instead end up making it into their death march.

Oh well, maybe we’ll see another relaunch in 10 more years that might work that time.  In the mean time, enjoy my tribute to the late great Firestorm.

Teaser ad for Firestorm way back when he was cool


Firestorm even joined the Justice League with all the best!



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