When Holidays Attack

There was a time, not so long ago, when the you could count on seeing some sort of Christmas story/special come out in December with your favorite Superhero spreading the holiday cheer.  Now with the advent of the New DCU I don’t expect to see the “new edgy” Superman doing his Santa run or Flash race fundraiser and its actually kind of a bummer.  Heres a look back at some of my favorite Christmas themed comics from years past.  Hope you enjoy.

The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special.

The Easter Bunny is tired of being second best to Christmas and hires Lobo to take out Santa.  If you’re a fan of Lobo one knows that to expect in this holiday romp.  Imagine if Hollywood ever got its hands on this one huh.  Well for now we have some fan movies based on it. Look it up on youtube sometime.  Simon Bisley at this maddest.



Adventures of Superman 487

Superman and Bibbo help make Christmas a joyous day for some orphans.

As i mentioned, there was along standing tradition for Superman to have a Christmas issue, lets hope that comes back in the New DCU.  Although, with the amount of times i’ve seen Superman smile vs Batman smile I’m betting we’ll see more Batman Christmas instead.



And speaking of the Dark Knight…

Ok…I’m not sure where this panel came from but its pretty dam funny.

Aside from that, the most famous Batman Christmas story is drawn by Frank Miller and called Wanted: Santa Claus.  Its in a Holiday Special that had some other greats along with a Jonah Hex story.







In fact, our Mr. Hex seemed to have more then two companions, one was death itself, the other, the acrid smell of gun smoke, the third…was Santa.






Of course lets not forget Marvels Christmas stories.


X-Men 143 has Kitty Pryde during her first year in the X-Men dealing with a terror on Christmas Eve.





So while we may or may not have the Christmas Special this year, its good to remember the fun ones from the past.

Happy Holidays Readers.


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