Amazing Spiderman / Daredevil Crossover

Amazing Spiderman 667 / Here Comes Daredevil 8
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Both issues: Mark Waid
Artist: Amazing Spiderman – Emma Rios
Artist: Here Comes Daredevil: Kano

Regular writer for Amazing Spiderman takes a break before his big upcoming Doctor Octopus storyline and hands the reins off to Mark Waid for a two part Spiderman/Daredevil crossover that begins in Amazing Spiderman 677 and continues in Daredevil 8.  Waid brings back the two swashbuckling heros of old marvel with a team up I didn’t realize how much I missed.  These two heros work well together and where teamed up often in the Silver / Bronze age of comics its surprising the two aren’t seen together more often.  One a side note, Daredevil recently joined Luke Cages “Street Level” Avengers with Spiderman but still it hasn’t brought that same feeling of old that this tale does, and its a welcome return to team ups of old.

We begin with Spiderman down in the dumps, he’s lost his girlfriend, learned that the spell Doctor Strange cast on the world to prevent anyone from learning his secret identity is broken and recovering from the non stop fight that was Spider Island, Pete just wants to get back out there and bounce back from his break up and try to get his private live on track again.  So whats he think might work, why not get back together with Black Cat.  Its from here that things go from good to bad.  The Black Cat doesn’t want to be a rebound girl and as it turns out, is being framed for a theft she didn’t commit and Spider Man is her only witness.  Knowing this, Pete  goes to the lawyer of all heros and ousted superhero Matt Murdock.  Of course Pete didn’t remember that while he struggles with his love life in both identities, Murdock usually ends up in bed with most of the women he meets in both his civilian and superhero identity so you can expect the love triangle between the Cat, the Spider and the Devil to begin here.

As I’ve mentioned before in past reviews, Amazing Spiderman continues to be a strong book for both story and art and the relaunch of Daredevil by Mark Waid has been strong from the start, so if you’re a fan of one of these books and this cross over brings helps you try out the other, you should be happy with what you see.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I have.


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