Avengers vs Justice League, Great Films Duke It Out.

Ok, so I was able to see the new Avengers Movie by Joss Whedon this afternoon and was blown away.  Truly this is one of the greatest comic book movies to be made so far but rather then go off on everything that I loved about this movie I thought I’d compare it to one of the other great super hero movies of the past and compare if Avengers can truly beat out Justice League on the live action front.

Whats this you ask?  There is no Justice League movie?  Why dear reader, you are missing a true gem as the Justice League made not one, but two forays into Live Action at the highest point of creative filmmaking.  The year, 1979.  Disco was dead, Van Halen had released their second album, Superman the movie made us believe a man could fly and on television, The Justice League of America battled it out with the Legion of Doom in a live action made for TV movie.  Now lets make our comparisons.

Earths Mightest

The Avengers – Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor join forces against the villainy of Loki and his army.

This Guy!



Legends of the Super Heros – Black Canary, Hawkman, Captain Marvel, The Huntress, Batman and Robin, The Flash, The Atom, and Green Lantern celebrate their good deeds with none other then a celebrity Roast hosted by Ed McMahon.  Yup, thats right, I said Ed McMahon.

This Guy!

The Avengers – Loki’s mad scheme manipulates our heroes through the use of guile and illusion.

“beware my guile!”

Legends of the Super Heros – Solomon Grundy uses gile and illusion to disguise himself as a gas station attendant to attack the dynamic duo while getting gas.

“Grundy check oil…”

Avengers – Ever want to see Thor fight Hulk, Iron Man fight Captain America? The Avengers movie gives us every combination and a heroic team up against evil.

Hulk – “Roar!”
Thor – “Verily!”

Legends of the Super Heroes – Ever want to see Ruth Buzzi as Aunt Minerva.  Yes, an actually villain from the pages of Captain Marvel. Her villainous scheme of course, to marry Captain Marvel.

“I’m gonna marry me a super hero!!”

Avengers – Director Joss Whedon brings us not only the ultimate in action movies, spaces time out for each character to shine on their own and with the group but also finds a way to include his wit and humor without skipping a beat.


Legends of the Super Heros – has a laugh track…and this guy as sinestro.

“I am the greatest Lantern!!”

So which is the better team Super Hero movie.  Each has its moments.  Its hard to beat out Ruth Buzzi and Ed McMahon but in the long run…well, i’ll let you decide.


One response to “Avengers vs Justice League, Great Films Duke It Out.

  1. whose grave did you dig this stuff out of?

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