A comic a day keeps the madness away..

Mind The Gap
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jim McCann
Artist: Rodin Esquejo and Sonia Oback
Price: 2.99

This months sees the release of Mind The Gap, from the creative minds of Jim McCann and Image Comics telling the tale of young Ellie Peterson, daughter to the wealthy Peterson family and actress in a local theater group.  The thing is, Ellie is comatose, having been attacked and left for dead on a subway platform, now free floating through whatever memories she can dig up while  those closest to her struggle to cope with what happened and why.  The mystery behind her attack, and whatever happens because of it isn’t random but the sustaining story of the book.  Using elements like pop music lyrics, surreal imagery from the perspective of Ellie and investigations into why this happened Mind The Gap feels more like a pilot for a television series then something sustaining enough for a comic.  I get the feeling that all the elements here would have been stronger if actually presented in a live action format.  With much of the subtle background clues and character interactions this feels more like a LOST / ER crossover then anything else.  But thats not to say that the first issue hasn’t held my attention enough to keep up with it.  The art is nice, although nothing exciting is clear enough to make looking for those little background clues easy for the readers.  And the fact that Image supports its first issues with a double size page count with no ads for the same low price of 2.99 still blows me away.  So if you like mystery titles with a twist, Mind the Gap should perk your interest.  And like I said, a double size issue for 2.99, thats a no brainer nowadays in the comic world.  Its worth the risk.


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