Comic Con News

So much news from last weekends San Diego Media-Con  Comic Con its hard to say just what was my favorite news but heres what I’m excited about.

Once Upon a Time.

The super sappy, super awesome fairytale series that has me so commited its just about become my new LOST is back for another season and its a doozy.  If you haven’t seen “Once” yet and you have any love for fairytales and Disney stories you’ll love this series.  And with Magic back Storybrooke will see a few new visitors that are going to make life very intersteing.  And from what I’ve heard, even with the curse broken and memories restored, its just that.  Restored memories.  Our cast will have to deal with the dual lives that was forced upon them since the Queens Black Curse o’ so long ago.  Here’s a taste of whats to come and a peak at a villian that have me reallly excited for next season.

Watch full episodes of Once Upon a Time at

Giant Monsters Abound as sample footage of Godzilla and Pacific Rim were showcased to those lucky few at the Con this weekend.  Godzilla promises to true to the originals and less like the American version created years ago.  And Pacific Rim sounds like the Kaiju vs Robot movie we’ve dreamed about since we were kids.

Here’s a link to an awesome Cos Play gallery from this years Comic Con via Rotten Tomatos.

Deadpool finally (?) gets his own video game.  Now I’m in the “What the hell makes Deadpool so dam popular” camp but for a video game, this looks like it could be pretty dam fun.   Here’s the teaser trailer.

Lets see, what else.  Mandarin was confirmed as the villain for Iron Man 3, Rings Be Damed!

Taa Daaaaa

Jessica Biel is going to be in the new Wolverine movie as Viper.

hellllllooooo nurse

Joss Whedon is working on a Dr. Horrible sequel and has a number of songs completed already.  Mostly its just finding time to get the cast back together.   Meanwhile the CW will air Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog on the “Television Sets” for those of you out there without computers.

So awesome

And I think thats about it.  See, San Diego Comic Con really is all about comics!  So much news on new titles and artists.  Its why people go to this thing isn’t it?

excuse me….pardon me…excuse me…pardon me…


Thanks for playing kids and read more comics!

I love comics.


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  1. dude, its Joss not Josh…

  2. Thanks mr. editor. Correction made!

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