Gods, Wrestlers and Cops – More comics on review

Apocalypse Al

apocalypse-al-01Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Art: Sid Kotian
Color: Bill Farmer
Letters:Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: 2.99

Her name is Allison Carter, Al for short, Apocalypse Al.  Los angeles PI who’s speciality is stopping the end of the world.  Its sort of a family business thing, her father, grandfather, great grandfather etc etc all had the responsibility of safe guarding us all from any Apocalypse, be it Elder Gods or Demons from Hell.

If your a fan of J.M.S. this should be right down your alley.  Spinning a classic gumshoe noir story featuring all the horrors from behind the veil and the same level of comedy made famous in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  One thing that I thought really stood out in this book is that not only did I get a pretty good story with nice art but following the url advertised in the back of the book took me to StudioJMS and a fully acted audio version of issue one.  Totally reminded me of the old days following the comics enclosed with my Power Records featuring Spiderman and Captain America!   Totally worth my three bucks!

Loki Ragnarok and Roll (limited series)

BOOM_Loki_001_AWriter: Eric M Esquivel
Art: Jerry Gaylord
Colors: Gbriel Cassata
Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Publisher: Boom
Price: 3.99

Everyone Loves Loki!  That should really be the name of this book.  When I saw this on the shelf all I could think of was someone realized it was time to jump on the Loki train along with Marvel after Tom Hiddleston made The Trickster God so dam popular in the movies!  With that, Boom Comics brings us Loki: Ragnarok and Roll.  This book hits all the bases, a misunderstood and unappreciated youth in the form of Loki, family issues with a doof of a brother Thor and Father that play’s favorites and finally the punk rock scene of Earth all roll up to a legendary combo of Rock and Roll Gods like nobodies business.

Jerry Gaylords art really fits the humor and over the top elements of this title along with the little added details of giving the reader a recommend listening list of music to match with the comic makes this mini series a surprise addition to my pull list.  And to think i almost passed this one by.  Grab it if you can.

WW Superstars

WWE01CovD-FrontFinal-910c6Writer: Mick Foley with Shane Riches
Artist: Alitha Martinez
Color: Jay Jay Jackson
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Publisher: Super Genius
Price: 2.99

I’ve never watched wrestling voluntarily for longer then a few minutes so why the hell did I think I’d like a comic about it.  Side note: my first roommate in college proved to me that wrestling was on television EVERY SINGLE NIGHT if you know where to find it, so I understand there is a fan base out there for this kind of thing.  Hell, when I was a kid Hulk Hogan and his gang had a Saturday Morning cartoon (ahhh…saturday morning cartoons.) but even with that I wasn’t a fan.  But I thought I’d try this book out to see what I may be missing so with drink in hand, i sat down to have myself a nice read.  I couldn’t get past the intro written on the inside cover.  Basically its a guy in jail framed for a murder he didn’t commit, another guy on the verge of city wide power and a third guy determined to bring the whole corrupt system down.

yup….put the book down and back away slowly.

Waste of time and money.  Although the homage to classic superhero comic covers were nice.  Just not worth the price of admission.

The Fuse

the-fuse-01webWriter: Antony Johnston
Art: Justin Greenwood
Color: Shari Chankhamma
Letters: Ed Brission
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: 3.50

22,000 miles above Earth in a geostationary orbit lies Midway City, the city in the stars.  If you’re a fan of CSI, buddy cop shows or Homicide then add a dash of hard Sci Fi and Judge Dredd and you get The Fuse.  The book starts out simply enough, cop moves to new city (or in this case star city), new partner issues and instant mystery puts the reader right smack in the middle of it as we take the same ride as the characters, learning about Midway City, its inhabitants and bringing law to a new frontier.

Want a sneak peek of what to expect, check out http://www.fusecomic.com for a free preview.  This ones on my radar for now!


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