Escape from Tomorrow – A Movie Review

escape_from_tomorrow_poster-Escape from Tomorrow –

Directed by Randy Moore
Starring the following:
Roy Abramsoh
Elena Schuber
Katelynn Rodriguez
and others who wished they never filmed this.
Not Rated

Filmed on location at Disney Florida without permission, Escape from Tomorrow follows the story of one family and their mysterious and unsettling vacation at Disney. After seeing the trailer, I was interested enough to gather my friends and see if what this movie was all about. Here’s a link to the trailer so you can see for yourself.

Escape from Tomorrow


Was it a horror story, a twilight zone inspired story, a tongue in cheek commentary on Disney and their brand or maybe just a look at married life and mid life crisis.


Instead what I got was a random train wreck of unfinished story threads, a creepy old guy stalking underage girls, horrible acting and an entire waste of time. Its hard to believe someone paid for this film to not only be made, but to actually decide present it to the viewing public as something edgy and underground. Honestly, this movie couldn’t even be salvaged with a comedy riff track laid over it. I can see why Disney didn’t squash this before it was released, the movie destroys itself with sheer boredom.

So you can see from my review, I hated it. Do yourself a favor and never, ever ever, watch this film. Go clip your toenails instead, it will be more fun. Trust me.


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