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Big Hero 6 Trailer

Based on a Marvel title of the same name, Big Hero 6 could be just the start of some amazing pixar / Marvel productions!


Escape from Tomorrow – A Movie Review

escape_from_tomorrow_poster-Escape from Tomorrow –

Directed by Randy Moore
Starring the following:
Roy Abramsoh
Elena Schuber
Katelynn Rodriguez
and others who wished they never filmed this.
Not Rated

Filmed on location at Disney Florida without permission, Escape from Tomorrow follows the story of one family and their mysterious and unsettling vacation at Disney. After seeing the trailer, I was interested enough to gather my friends and see if what this movie was all about. Here’s a link to the trailer so you can see for yourself.

Escape from Tomorrow


Was it a horror story, a twilight zone inspired story, a tongue in cheek commentary on Disney and their brand or maybe just a look at married life and mid life crisis.


Instead what I got was a random train wreck of unfinished story threads, a creepy old guy stalking underage girls, horrible acting and an entire waste of time. Its hard to believe someone paid for this film to not only be made, but to actually decide present it to the viewing public as something edgy and underground. Honestly, this movie couldn’t even be salvaged with a comedy riff track laid over it. I can see why Disney didn’t squash this before it was released, the movie destroys itself with sheer boredom.

So you can see from my review, I hated it. Do yourself a favor and never, ever ever, watch this film. Go clip your toenails instead, it will be more fun. Trust me.


rulers_of_earth___cover_a_by_kaijusamurai-d5y2wwyWhat a month for Giant Monster fans.  Pacific Rim has finally hit the theaters being everything it promised to be and in comic shops, Godzilla Rulers of the Earth #1 hit shelves.  Now chances are if you’re one of us older folk who grew up in the 70’s your Saturday Mornings were a steady diet of cartoons, kung fu and Giant Monster movies.  From Godzilla to Gamara to Ultraman, we had our heroes, our villains and all of these embodied in giant rubber monster suits and awesome Kaiju Wrestling moves.  So many of us on the East Coast have fond memories of Saturday’s Creature Double Feature giving us classic monsters to start but then stepping it up to Godzilla, King of Monsters and his court.  Movies, vinyl import toys, american games based on the toho franchise, we couldn’t get enough of these titans, and with the release of Pacific Rim, a tribute to our childhood has been updated for an entirely new generation.

IDW has had the rights to publish Godzilla titles for a few years now and with a solid number of mini series under their belts its time for an ongoing title for the King of Monsters!  Rulers of Earth written by Chris Mowry and drawn by Matt Frank starts with a solid enough story and the usual trappings of a Toho movie.  Unknown aliens/villains manipulate these giant beasts into battle with creatures of their own in the hopes of using them to control Earth.  In the meantime, Earth scientists and military have entire departments devoted to the study and defense against Kaiju attack.  The big item that this book brings to the table that other Godzilla tales haven’t is the introduction of Zilla in comic format for the first time!  For those of you who don’t know, Zilla is the 1998 americanized version of Godzilla brought to the big screen and staring Matthew Broderick.  While a fun giant monster movie, this version of Godzilla was never really accepted and since then reinvented as an new monster named Zilla and cast as part of the Godzilla gallery of foes, even featured briefly the in 2004 film Godzilla Final Wars.

Personally I’m looking forward to the battle between Godzilla and Zilla in issue 2, and this could be the start of new ongoing rivalry between monsters!  My only negative with this title is that while Matt Frank is amazing at his comic rendition of all things Kaiju or Robotic, his humans have a slightly off appearance.  A sort of hybrid of anime and US cartoon style that isn’t quite there yet but as I mentioned, he makes up for it in spades with his monster work!  Here’s looking forward to the rest of the series, if you’re a giant monster fan like I am give it a try!

Comicjunkies Podcast – The Godzilla Toy Podcast

The Godzilla Toy Podcast

GI Joe Retaliation – Spoiler Review

GI_Joe-_Retaliation_27I’m not ashamed to say I enjoyed the first GI Joe movie.  2009’s Rise of Cobra had its own faults, mostly in the depiction of Cobra Commander, I mean, I spent the majority of the first movie wondering when the Commander would make an appearance only to find out that dude with the wig was him.  Oh well, at least they made up for it with awesome ninja fights, drill missiles and a pretty dam good fight scene in paris with the eiffel tower being destroyed by nanobots.

So here we are, four years later and finally a sequel. GI Joe Retaliation.  Gone are all the Joes we knew in the first movie aside from Duke. The films open credits goes on to explain the aftermath of the first movie and the following “Nanobot Wars” and the capture of both Destro and Cobra Commander.  Duke, now leader of the Joes has the team fine tuned and on missions more on par with an elite strike force and not a toy line.  Of course thats just the first half hour, after which we have the destruction of the Joes, Heroes on the run and Cobra on the rise and in control of the US Government.  All this groundwork could have made a good sequel but instead the remainder of the movie feels like a disjointed and cobbled together action movie.  Ninjas in the alps, check. Joes in an Urban environment with just a touch of “Rocky” tossed in. Check. Toy references both old and new. Check. Solid story line….not so much.

To sum it up. Cobras master plan involves the launching what looks like 4 huge weapon satellites called ZEUS against the world while removing the threat of nuclear retaliation from every world power.  Of course Cobra has no sovereign nation so why they worry about Nukes boggles me. And the cost to launch those satellites along with maintaining Cobra’s military and Ninja forces must take a lot of money so I’m not too sure why CC feels the need to take on Government burdens..anyway.

Its March, the summer action movies are only just starting but so far the Joe’s followup is a fail.  Upcoming sequel or not, unless they go for the ultimate Joe’s/Transformers team up I think i’m off this toy franchise for now.

Man of Steel

I have hope.

Even against all the cynics out there I have hope.  Hope that the new Man of Steel movie will be able to capture all those important elements that make a character like Superman the hero he is.

Earlier this year we were teased with a duel set of trailers that focused on the influence of the fathers of Clark Kent.  One features Jor-el setting the tone for inspirations and ideals that Kal El will bring to the people of Earth while the other gives us Jonathan Kent, the man who raises Kal El, speaks of choice, acceptance and destiny.  Each trailer overlays these words over scenes of Clark adrift in the world trying to find himself in the years before the emergence of Superman.

Today we’re treated with the first full length trailer which will be featured at the beginning of the Hobbit movie beginning this weekend.  Here it is.

The more I see, the more I feel this take on Superman will spend much of its focus on everything that makes Superman Superman.  I know i’ve said this before but as the iconic image and hero of the DC Universe, Superman is the inspiration of all that came after him.  Not just the big blue boycott, but a person that has all the same fears, worries and troubles every other person has but because of who he is, puts them behind himself and does what he can to be the hero the world needs.

I have hope.

Dark Knight Returns Part One DVD Review

Batman – The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Batman/Bruce Wayne – Peter Weller
Robin / Carrie Kelly = Ariel Winter
Commissioner Gordon – David Selby
Two Face / Harvey Dent – Wade Williams
Mutant Leader – Gary Anthony WIlliams

The latest direct to DVD video from Warner Home Video brings us an adaptation of “The Greatest Batman Story” ever, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.  Originally released in 1986, Dark Knight Returns was a four issue prestige format mini series that told the story of Batmans return after ten years of retirement showing us how a Batmanless Gotham has faired and how the very concept of the Dark Knight effected not only Bruce Wayne and those close to him but the world at large.

Part one of Dark Knight Returns follows the first two issues of the mini series almost religiously, only making little pacing changes to the story to help bring it from a comic to the screen and to help set up the conflict between Batman, Joker and the authorities in the second part.  Part of the original narrative of Dark Knight is seeing the story being told via newsfeed and talking heads overlaid with core story of Batman, Commissioner Gordon and the city at large as it suffers in the clutches of violent gang crime being originated by the Mutant Gang and its animalistic leader. None of this is lost in this first adaptation of the comic. Honestly, my only misgiving on this project is that while the general feel of art style is there, none of the truly iconic images from the book translate as well to animation.  Yes, they are in the story, like the Batman against the lighting strike, the Bat Signal against Gotham Tower and even character portrayals like the flash of Two Face from all man to all monster.  Frank Millers specific style is represented but not wholly there.  And even with that, as I mentioned, Dark Knight Returns Part One stands out as one of the greatest adaptations made so far by Warner Home Video.  I can’t wait for part two!

* Note: While researching news on DKR part 2 I learned that Michael Emerson of Lost Fame will be voicing The Joker in Part Two…AWESOME!!