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First look at Ben Affleck as Batman

First look at Ben Affleck as Batman

Amazing! Love the big bat, little ears and pouches! I have hope.


Moves, Separations and the Internet

Its been too long since I’ve posted anything.  My computer sits with a half dozen partial articles and story ideas but getting the time to actually finish them, well, thats the hard part.  The last few months have been filled with moving to a new place, and a piece of that was parting with much of my epic comic collection.


I did discover one thing about parting with all those books in the process.  My desire to dive back into the back issue bins has returned but this time I’m only getting those “key issues” or books of a certain grade that I want for my collection.  Currently i’m focused on Bronze age books and a short stack of Doctor Strange are waiting for me at the store as I speak.  Great stuff for the comic fan!

Speaking of which, I need to wrap this up fast and head off to work.  Here’s a preview of what I have planned for the new few weeks.

A revival of the Comicjunkies podcast.  Shorter, more focused, the podcast will be posted here for anyone to check out.  My first “Monstrous” post should be up soon.

A few new board game reviews and of course my thoughts on the new season of Doctor Who.  And speaking of which, heres a prequel that was posted on BBC just the other day.

See you next time!

Happy Holidays!

To everyone who’s been nice enough to stop by and check out my comic ramblings, have a save and happy holiday season!


Music to read by

Lately i’ve been looking over 100 best lists for sci fi, fantasy books to see if there are any gaping holes in things I’ve read over the years.  This of course led to lists of other media upon which I ultimately fell upon best sci fi and fantasy music.  I’m no expert on music, in fact i carry a tune like a dead fish, but I do love music.  Over the last few years I became fascinated with the nerd music and since I’ve always meant to do my own list of albums in my collection that I think some of you may enjoy I figured now was a good a time as any.


Kirby Krackle

Having recently released their third album, this group from Seattle WA hits it each time with songs like Ring Capacity (about green lantern), Vault 101 (about fallout) and Zombie Apocalypse make these albums really fun to listen to.


Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth

Released in 1998, this concept album by a German power metal band is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion.  Rock and Roll and Fantasy is like chocolate and peanut butter!


Chameleon Circuit – Chameleon Circuit

This British band debuted their Doctor Who inspired album Chameleon Circuit sometime in 2008 with songs focusing on the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. Songs titles like Blink, An Awful Lot of Running and Count the Shadows make this album worth coming back to.


Final Fantasy Piano Collection – I – XIII

I began collecting these on a lark only to realize that the production of each album was really great and the songs easily fit in my rotation.  Its hard to find a gamer that doesn’t love Final Fantasy VII and the music from the game brings back some great memories of Cloud and the gang.


Dargaard – Rise and Fall

This band from Austria released its fourth studio album in 2004 with songs based on the Dragon Lance books like Takhisis Dance.  This bands music is listed as neoclassical darkwave (whatever that is) but I can tell you its pretty dam cool.  Besides, its based on one of my favorite series so its a win win for me.


LOST OST – The Final Season

Pretty much the best of the soundtracks for LOST.  Michael Giacchino creates a rich selection of melodies for one of my all time favorite series.


OGRE – Plague of the Planet

An American Heavy Metal band from Portland, Maine, Plague of the Planet is their third release and features one 37 minute long song about a world brought to the brink of destruction



Biggest disappointments of 2011

1) Kirby Genesis – May 2011
Promoted as the ultimate Kirbyverse, Dynamite comics published this tribute to the King of Comics with a lot of promotion behind it but with such a large cast and still aimless plot Genisis has been lackluster at best.  Its the Kirby fan in me that keeps me on this title for the time being, lets hope this gets better soon.

2) Fear Itself Event – April 2011
This was the “non” event of 2011.  Matt Faction promoted this as the book where each issue would have a game changing event happen.  Well each issue did, but did it last?  Nope, in a matter of 3 mere point # issues, they undid any bad event to come from this.  Nice to know I could have skipped this one ahead of time huh…


3) Flashpoint Event – May 2011

DC brought us this summer event with Barry Allen Flash at the center.  What did we get, a totally boring mini series that had Barry Allen trying to get his powers back for 3 issues and then chasing down a imprisoned and almost unheroic Superman to help save the day.  Oh, and DC used this to totally change their universe to the new 52 as an afterthought.  Yippie.


4) Batman Inc

Lets make the Batman a franchise. 
Who ever thought this was going to be cool must have been on one too many shrooms.  Oh wait, Morrision wrote this.  Nuff said.


5) Firestorm the Nuclear Men

DC hates me.  This book is proof.



6) X-Men Prelude to Schism ( lots of glaring, so much fun)

Want to see the X Men struggle over an unspoken question for 4 issues with lots of glaring and thoughtful looks into the distiance  This is the book for you.



7) The Bionic Man by Kevin Smith

Every wonder why the movie industry never picked up Kevin Smiths Bionic Man reboot script.  Here you go, steaming pile of…..


8) Superman “Grounded” By MJS

Ment to bring Superman down to our level by having him walk the earth and seeing how us little people handle life on a daily basis, Grounded was an epic fail.  Sadly this was our last experence with Kal El before the DC reboot to the Jackass he is today.  Thanks for that Morrison.


9) Defenders

Cosmic heros for Cosmic threats.  Oh and Iron Fist is tagging along too.  What could have been a really great reboot falls flat in the first issue.  Lets hope this picks up and makes up for its first issue soon.


10) Green Arrow

Oliver Queen redone to match his Smallville counterpart crossed over with Steve Jobs.

Seperated at birth


The Batmobile


More Yelling Please