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Marvel’s Original Sin

Original_Sin_Vol_1_1Original Sin #1 and # 2 (of 8)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Deodato
Colors: Frank Martin
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $4.99

I’ve mentioned more then once that Marvel has produced some quality books over the last few years. Seems like that with each new batch of titles almost all of them will be hits. Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Fantastic Four, All New X-Men and Nightcrawler to only name a few have all been at the top of my read pile from week to week so when the next big Marvel Event finally hit the shelves I snapped it right up.
So what’s the event this time? The Death of the Watcher.

He's Dead Jim

He’s Dead Jim

So this is something new. This is something interesting. This is something that “could” be permanent AND have lasting repercussions on the Marvel Universe.

What would the universe me without the Watcher and what if those secrets he held got out? Now this I could be on board for!

But then I read the book. 3 issues in (issue zero, one and two) and i’m realizing that aside from an awesome idea, this books stinks.

Here are my reasons.

1. The Watcher was killed by a bullet. Granted, a special bullet (we all remember Captain Americas “Time Bullet” don’t we) but a bullet just the same.

2. Hero’s team up to investigate what or who may have done this. The teaming feel like someone tossed darts at a Marvel Universe Handbook and went with the results.

3. Little things like using the Ultimate Nullifier like a handgun to have a Mindless One kill himself is nuts. Its like having an ant use a nuclear warhead to kill itself. It just isn’t done. Past Marvel history has shown that the Ultimate Nullifier would kill EVERYTHING. Thats why it ISN”T used. Now that this writer has established it can be used this way, look out. Expect to see it rolled out more in the coming years.

and finally



4. The Orb. Bringing this lame Ghost Rider villain that, granted, I have fond memories of JUST because I read Ghost Rider back in the day, doesn’t make it cool. He was lame then, he’s lame now. No reason in the world should he be involved in this even as a lackey to some higher evil.

But with all that, i’m still going to read this book because I feel that for an eight issue mini series, maybe i’m being a little too critical of the initial set up. Sure this isn’t the epic storytelling of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four Run or Infinity storyline but maybe it will pan out and save itself in the long run.

Here’s hoping.


All New Ghost Rider #1

ghost riderAll New Ghost Rider #1
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colors: Nelson Daniel and Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Worst relaunch ever.

Thats what I thought a month ago after seeing the first of Marvels ad campaign for this “All New Ghost Rider”. A Ghost Rider geared towards Gear Heads. Featuring a latino hero based in L.A. and focused on fans of Fast and the Furious and Need for Speed games and films. That with the shock of the stylized art being presented on the book had me not only hating the idea, but being vocal about it as well to any and all within earshot.

Then I read it.

All New Ghost Rider not only presents a solid opening story for a new, youthful character but the art style that I was so against works with the story and stand out as one of the highlights of this weeks new comics.

If you’re a Ghost Rider fan from the past the tune of the book hasn’t changed much from its initial relaunch in the 90’s. Spirits of Vengeance seek a host to bring, well, Vengeance to those who deserve it. Although in this case our Spirit rides in a hot rod as opposed to a motorcycle. What sets it apart from Ghost Riders of the past is exactly what I thought I’d hate, the setting, and the change to a car. Instead of the same old story, Felipe Smith gives us the tale of Robbie Reyes, a guy struggling to survive with his younger special needs brother in a neighborhood determined to keep then down at all costs. Felipe gives us an L.A. that makes Gotham look like a day at Disney. This puts the reader strongly on the side of our hero, hoping that in the end those who deserve vengeance will receive it.

The only weakness of the book is that this first issue is really just all set up. Of course we have an over arching mystery or two. We don’t know anything about this Spirit of Vengeance yet or how its going to use Reyes as a host. I feel like there is something corrupt going on with his employer and we have yet to see what the first story arc’s “big bad”. And since this issue is devoted to showcasing both our main character pre-Ghost Rider along with the setting we’ll have to wait till next month to see what powers and abilities Ghost Rider will have. All these will keep me coming back to the book for now, and with such a slow build, lets just hope it doesn’t loose its steam.

Amazing X-Men

Writer: Jason Aaronnightcrawler-amazing-x-men
Art: Ed McGuinnes
Inks: Dexter Vines
Colors: Marte Gracia
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Once upon a time, Marvel Comics published only one X-book. Yup. let that sink in for just a minute, just one. Nowadays all you need to do is choose an adjective and you’ve got your X-title. Some stand out more then others, and thankfully the newest addition to the X-Books Amazing X-Men is one of those titles.
The X-Men have such a long history of strife, conflict, loss and prejudice its a breath of fresh air to have a title that shows how close these characters are to each other and how those relationships have been strengthened over the years of their being a team. Amazing focuses on bringing back not only all the joy and adventure of the classic Uncanny title but in this first story arc, bringing back a much missed member of the team, Nightcrawer.

Sure over the years we’ve seen team members join, die, and come back in some fashion or another so a returning comic character isn’t that big of deal these days but we’ve waiting far too long for Nightcrawer to come back and writer Jason Aaron does a great job showing us just how missed he was not just to us, but to each member of the X-Men as well.

lets be amazingI suppose if I had anything bad to say about this book, it would have to be the silly origin of the bamfs, the little cartoony versions of Nightcrawer. I’d have rather it just be left a mystery instead of them being some sort of shape-changing demons on either the path of good or evil.

So with the selection of X-titles to choose from nowadays it can be tough deciding which one to read but if your a long time X-fan and loved the original Uncanny title as much as me then you owe it to yourself to try Amazing X-Men. You won’t be disappointed.

Prelude to Infinity – Avengers 16

There’s really only one thing I can say about this issue.  Spaceknights!

this makes me giddy..

this makes me giddy..


That’s right.  SPACEKNIGHTS baby!  I don’t care that Starshine shouldn’t be in armor anymore or that the guy in front looks like the long dead Terminator.


Now if only I could have Rom back.

Going back to the Well.

dr strangeNot too long ago I mentioned that I gave away the majority of my comic collection.  Having 24 long boxes of marvel/dc/etc I dug through the lot. took out the 5 long boxes I couldn’t bear to part with and said good bye to so many adventures…

We’ve all been here before.  Space becomes a premium and one has to decide to keep/sell or give away collections for any number of reasons.  Its just, once the shock of it all wears away, suddenly the draw of the back issue bins becomes a siren cry hard to resist.  Just this time around, I’ll get just the good stuff.  Its about “Back Issues” not new on the rack.  I’ll get those investment books I’ve wanted, or older series I’ve never read and will enhance the collection I want.    Glow in the dark, Hologram or foil covers, no thank you.  Its all Gold Silver and Bronze for me and my first target, Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts.  Now here’s a book I NEVER gave a fair shake when I was younger.  Sure I had friends that told me how good the book was but I wouldn’t have it.  Dr. Strange was just some dude who could barely hold a team together with the Defenders and spent all his time polishing his mystic eye and reading books so as I said, I wouldn’t have it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Man did I miss some awesome adventures.  Sure it took 20 years for me to figure it out but now that I did, Bronze Age Dr. Strange is where I’m at.  Recently my friendly neighborhood comic shop picked up a early run of Dr. Strange all in great reading shape.  Issues 1 through 30, all intact but each with the tell tale subscription crease that plagued collectors in our early years.  Those of you who don’t know what the crease is just imagine getting your books in the mail each month directly from Marvel, wrapped in brown paper and folded firmly down the middle so as to fit in your mailbox  with all the rest of the letters and bills.  Sigh…this same crease plagued my GI Joe and Rom subscriptions so long ago.  So while these 30 issues aren’t perfect, that crease helped me pick up a reading collection for a great price.  Thank god for comic shops.  Now I can focus on getting collection grade copies and have these to read/share as need be.  Of course there are those of you who may say “Why not just get a trade collection of the books” I could, but nothing beats the original.  Seeing the ads from back in the day, the mail away schemes, the letters pages, all of that is part of the joy of being a collector but I don’t need to explain that to you.  So here I am, 35 plus years as a comic reader and “Going back to the Well” as my friend so aptly put.  In times when the new books on the self are lacking, we always have so many gems that have been laid out before us just awaiting to be rediscovered.  And my next target…Tomb of Dracula.  With writers like Marv Wolfman and the amazing art of Gene Colan I can’t fail with that one.

Time to dive back into a great comic.

tomb of dracula

Death in Comics – A Rant

With the release of the AvX Trade Collection this week I thought why not revisit the comic event of last summer and one of the dramatic deaths of the title.

Death in comics

Spolier for AvX

prof x

Professor X dies in AvX 11 at the hands of a insane cyclops possessed by the Phoenix force. A Force of nature that has the power of death and life….keep that in mind.  He’s still dead but its only been a few months.

Being as it may, I thought I’d go over some other deaths in the Marvel Universe and see what happened and just how long dead equals dead.

Human Torch.  Dead for like…two or three months.  Was he dead? Yes but the alien nature of the Negative Zone gave Annihilius access to worms that could knit Johnny Storm back together and bring him back to life through alien medicine.  Currently Johnny Storm has been reunited with the Fantastic Four and all is well. Its cool.

Hawkeye – Died fighting off an alien invasion during the Avengers Disassembled storyline because of the Scarlet Witch.  Brought back to life when the Scarlet Witch created an alternate timeline where Mutants where in charge of the world.  That Hawkeye survived the timeline repair and is back amongst us in the Main Marvel Universe which begs the question, does a alternate timeline version count as a resurrection?

Vision – Destroyed durning the Avengers Disassembled storyline by the Scarlett Witch.  Tony Stark finally got around to working on his remains after a few years and finally figured out  how to reactivate the Vision.  Vision is still pissed off that his wife killed him and that it took Tony so long to fix him.

Captain Marvel – Killed by cancer.  Made various reappearance’s over the years (mostly for copyright reasons) but still remains dead. So far this death stuck.

Elektra – Killed by Bullseye, Ninja Magic by the Hand attempted to revive her as an undead assassin only to be stopped by Daredevil.  The love of Daredevil brought her back to life and she is given a second chance.  (this is one of the good resurrections)

XMen – Colossus died from the Legacy Virus only to have his body stolen years later by an alien named Ord and revived.  He is reunited with the Xmen years later.  Joss Whedon brings back a great character, gives us a great moment with Colossus and Kitty Pryde, too bad Colossus isn’t treated better after AvX.

Magik aka Illyana Rasputin sister to Colossus died from the Legacy Virus.  She got better….and she’s some kind of demon lady now.

Jean Grey aka Phoenix – Killed herself to stop the Phoenix Force from causing further damage to the Marvel Universe.  Got better.  Phoenix Force became a problem again.  Died again.

Havok aka Alex Summers – Died in an Airship trying to stop Greystone from activating a faulty time machine.  Somehow launched into a parallel timeline and possessed his alternate timeline’s body.  All better.  Honestly, this return is a little wonkey.

Magneto – Died in the wreckage of his burning citadel.  Got better. Died again.. Got better. Changed costumes. Became Onslaught. Died again. Got better. rinse and repeat.

Jubilee – bitten by a vampire.  Became a vampire…technically still dead.

Cable – Died in an exploding time portal leaving behind only his techno organic arm.  Turned out he was propelled to the far future.  Came back to fight the Avengers.  Still alive.

Sabertooth – Decapitated by wolverine.  Revived by the ninja order The Hand. Ahh…the Hand.  If it isn’t aliens, or alternative timelines, leave it to the ninjas to bring our boys back!

Bucky – Died fighting the Nazis in WW2. Revived, given a mechanical arm and trained by the Soviets to work for them.  Fought off their brainwashing only to replace Captain America while he was “dead”. Died during Fear Itself. Got better in under 2 minutes. Alive.

and finally Captain America.  Shot during the aftermath of the Marvel Civil War with a..get this.  A Time Bullet.  Somehow his mind and soul bounces around time only to be replaced in his preserved body a few years later.  At least he wasn’t frozen in ice this time.

Well, there you have it.  If you live in the Marvel Universe and have any sort of powers you can expect to die.  A LOT. but not for good, so good luck Heroes and Villains, if it isn’t aliens alternate timelines, mindswaps or Time Bullets that saves you can always bank on Ninjas!

And So It Begins.



Peter Parker is Dead. Long Live Peter Parker.

Amazing Spiderman 700 has finally hit the stands and with it the wave of reactions have hit the web even faster then the day of release.  For those out there who wanted it spoiled, could have had learned the fate of Mr. Parker a week or so ago if you had the nose for it but Wednesday December 26th was the official day and also the last day our man Peter spun his last webs in the course of justice.

Peter Parker is Dead.

What a second, didn’t I hear this happened a year or so ago already.  Marvel’s already replaced Pete with a new Spiderman in the Ultimate Universe but for the first time they are doing so in the Main Marvel Line.  In the Marvel Now, our new Spiderman will be better, he will be in his own words, Superior.

So here’s the run down.  We’ve learned that over the last few years Doctor Octopus has been dying, his body, shutting itself down from the abuse its been subjected to durning his life of crime.  In on final attempt to bring doom to Spiderman and the World, Doc Ock used a device that allowed him mental control over his devices of evil only to have Peter make a helmet that allowed him to override control and shut down his master plan.  But heres the rub.  That same helmet allowed Doc Ock access to Peters Mind, allowing him to find a way to strengthen the connection and finally allow a mind swap putting Otto Octtavius in the body of Peter Parker and Parker in a Doc’s body with only hours left to live.  Of course Peter does all he can to defeat the bad guy and get his body back but Otto has thought of everything and in his last moments Peter fails and realizes he is indeed dying.  His only hope would be to pull the Spirit of Christmas Past bit on Otto and make him a better man so Pete forces Otto to share his “Life before his eyes” flashes, and in doing so, Otto does indeed declare this a time for new beginnings and will work to keep Spidermans name on the side of justice.


Oh No...Doc Ock!

Oh No…Doc Ock!

Issue 700 has some really nice moments in those flashes of Peter visiting “the other side of the light” as his body dies at least twice and is revived by his crew before the big final fight.  Dan Slott does a great job in setting us this next big event in the Spiderman Universe.  I’m calling it an Event because we all know Peter will be back in a year or two, heck, any comic fan worth his salt can think up at least five different ways Peter can have survived this off the top of their heads if you just ask them.  So in the mean time we have Otto as Peter, living that life and doing what Otto can to redeem himself.  And our first taste of this is in Avenging Spiderman 15.1.  Usually a team up book for Spiderman, we have Otto redesigning the Spiderman suit, adjusting to the everyday routine of Peter Parkers life while wondering why Pete couldn’t have acquired Adamantium for his web shooters.


Personally after having read Avenging Spiderman i’m actually looking forward to this event.  We’re going to get to see Otto have to deal with villains that at one time where his minions in battle and handling working with Heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Daredevil.  Any of which could figure out his secret if they tried and once they do, I expect they will lose it and tear Doc Ock apart.  I mean, just imagine, if the venom symboite decided to go for Pete’s body again, it would  grow Docs Octopus arms back without him even realizing it.  Its like, if DC didn’t just kill off Superman in the 90’s but instead put Lex Luthor in his body.  The story possibilities are endless.  This is one Spiderman Event I think I’ll end up enjoying.   And who knows, maybe Otto will finally find a way to shut that awful Spiderman Turn off The Dark Musical down.

Spider Dance

Spider Dance


Long live the Superior Spider Man!