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All New Ghost Rider #1

ghost riderAll New Ghost Rider #1
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colors: Nelson Daniel and Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Worst relaunch ever.

Thats what I thought a month ago after seeing the first of Marvels ad campaign for this “All New Ghost Rider”. A Ghost Rider geared towards Gear Heads. Featuring a latino hero based in L.A. and focused on fans of Fast and the Furious and Need for Speed games and films. That with the shock of the stylized art being presented on the book had me not only hating the idea, but being vocal about it as well to any and all within earshot.

Then I read it.

All New Ghost Rider not only presents a solid opening story for a new, youthful character but the art style that I was so against works with the story and stand out as one of the highlights of this weeks new comics.

If you’re a Ghost Rider fan from the past the tune of the book hasn’t changed much from its initial relaunch in the 90’s. Spirits of Vengeance seek a host to bring, well, Vengeance to those who deserve it. Although in this case our Spirit rides in a hot rod as opposed to a motorcycle. What sets it apart from Ghost Riders of the past is exactly what I thought I’d hate, the setting, and the change to a car. Instead of the same old story, Felipe Smith gives us the tale of Robbie Reyes, a guy struggling to survive with his younger special needs brother in a neighborhood determined to keep then down at all costs. Felipe gives us an L.A. that makes Gotham look like a day at Disney. This puts the reader strongly on the side of our hero, hoping that in the end those who deserve vengeance will receive it.

The only weakness of the book is that this first issue is really just all set up. Of course we have an over arching mystery or two. We don’t know anything about this Spirit of Vengeance yet or how its going to use Reyes as a host. I feel like there is something corrupt going on with his employer and we have yet to see what the first story arc’s “big bad”. And since this issue is devoted to showcasing both our main character pre-Ghost Rider along with the setting we’ll have to wait till next month to see what powers and abilities Ghost Rider will have. All these will keep me coming back to the book for now, and with such a slow build, lets just hope it doesn’t loose its steam.


Thanos Rising

ThanosRising_1_CoverWriter: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Simone Bianchi
Inks and Inkwash by Simone Bianchi and Riccardo Pieruccini
Colors: Ive Svorcina
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Initially I wasn’t going to give Thanos Rising a chance.  I’d already read the defining storys as told by Jim Starlin years ago.  Thanos in Captain Marvel, Warlock, Silver Surfer and finally the Infinity Gauntlet Saga.  There wasn’t anything new to add to define this character and to read something written by anyone other then Stalin, well, I didn’t need it.  That is, until my friend Phil told me to give it a chance.

So here i am.  I’ve laid down the latest issue (as of this writing issue 4 has hit the shelves today) and man, this book is amazing.

First off, the art is just stunning.  Simone’s deceptions of alien creatures and worlds suits his inkwash style.  As for the story, Jason Aaron had big shoes to fill here and he found they fit quite nicely.  Telling the story of Thanos that I thought I didn’t need but instead found each issue holding a certain unnerving horror as we see the mad titan grow.   If your a fan of a show like Dexter then Thanos Rising would be right down your alley.  And with the Summer’s Infinity storyline right around the corner it helps set up just exactly the type of threat Thanos should be to the Marvel Universe all over again.

The Marvel Now!

This week the official announcement of Marvel Now hit the web and its a biggie.  In the wake of Avengers vs Xmen, comic readers were expecting a big shake up and what we have is one big enough to give new readers “yet another” jumping on point for every title in the Marvel Universe and allowing for some much needed change ups and redesigns.

But this isn’t a reboot…..

To coin a phrase from LOST.  “Whatever happened. Happened.

Except it looks like Nick Fury is black now.

And Cable has an eye patch.  Wait, “IS” that cable?  Historically an eye patch was enough of a disguise for heroes in the past. Maybe thats what this is and he isn’t Cable.  Maybe its Kramer…

Nah…I’m Cable.

Yea, its Cable all right.

Cyclops has a costume redesign that doesn’t involve random belts and pouches.  He still looks like a tool.

Captain America looks more like his Ultimate Universe counterpart then ever.  (Keep that in mind here.  Refer to Nick Fury above)

Rogue is all covered up again, so either she’s sun shy or lost her power control again.

Hulk is wearing some sort of armor. No big deal there, Hulk can do whatever he wants.  Just don’t go bald again or grow back his beard. Or turn Red, or Grey, or small and rule over Microverse people.  Or go into space again (Punisher has that covered).  Now if he goes to a mystical crossroads, thats cool. other then that like I said, Hulk can do whatever he wants. (except beat Superman in a fight, see Marvel vs DC for proof…..HUZAHH)

Wolverine, Thor (sporting two swords), Iron Man (Back in Black baby! Marvel and AC/DC must really have a contract here.) Sue Storm, Spiderman and Rocket Racoon (yea….him) all look relatively the same.

So as I mentioned above, this isn’t a reboot.  But I’m suspicious of some sort of Marvel 616 / Ultimate Universe merging to give us Marvel Now.  Really, if they hadn’t given us an image of Nick Fury and Captain America like this I would think this but how are they going to say Nick Fury looks like Samuel Jackson now?  Unless, ahh….Live Model Decoys.  Or maybe an AIM plot.  Who knows.

 UPDATE: Apparently this Nick Fury is the original Nick Fury’s illegitimate son.  We’ll see if that rumor holds up.

We’ll see soon enough when Marvel floods comic shops with new issue 1’s for each of their universe’s books over the course of October through February.  Never again will new readers be dismayed by the multiple Avengers titles unsure where to start.  And I’m a HUGE fan of each of these titles.  Its just something new readers don’t get.

So we get one Avengers team and … oh wait.  Marvel Now is going to have multiple Avengers books again.

Oh well. toss that save out the door.

Maybe they will keep their Awesome Street Level Avengers team the New Avengers. intact.  That would be worth it.

Anyway, enough rants. Here are the titles announced so far.

All New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immomen

Tells the tale of the “Original X-Men” going forward in time to meet themselves in our present only to learn how much they became Jerks.  Expect Jean Grey to get all up in someones face.

Uncanny Avengers. by Rick Remender and John Cassady.  Teaming up Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Rogue, Wolverine and Havok.  A team to represent the unity between Mutant and Humankind.  This one seems interesting, especially since it will be the redemption of Scarlet Witch.  Too bad Havok took a page from his brothers design book, his costume sucks. Now that I think about it, has his costume ever been cool?

New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting.  I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Hickman and his Avengers book should be EPIC!

I think thats all the titles announced for now but expect more in the weeks to come.  Maybe we’ll be lucky finally see the return of US 1 or Team America in the Marvel NOW!  OK…maybe that was a little too far.

High Adventure Truckin! The Mighty Marvel Way!