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Amazing X-Men

Writer: Jason Aaronnightcrawler-amazing-x-men
Art: Ed McGuinnes
Inks: Dexter Vines
Colors: Marte Gracia
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Once upon a time, Marvel Comics published only one X-book. Yup. let that sink in for just a minute, just one. Nowadays all you need to do is choose an adjective and you’ve got your X-title. Some stand out more then others, and thankfully the newest addition to the X-Books Amazing X-Men is one of those titles.
The X-Men have such a long history of strife, conflict, loss and prejudice its a breath of fresh air to have a title that shows how close these characters are to each other and how those relationships have been strengthened over the years of their being a team. Amazing focuses on bringing back not only all the joy and adventure of the classic Uncanny title but in this first story arc, bringing back a much missed member of the team, Nightcrawer.

Sure over the years we’ve seen team members join, die, and come back in some fashion or another so a returning comic character isn’t that big of deal these days but we’ve waiting far too long for Nightcrawer to come back and writer Jason Aaron does a great job showing us just how missed he was not just to us, but to each member of the X-Men as well.

lets be amazingI suppose if I had anything bad to say about this book, it would have to be the silly origin of the bamfs, the little cartoony versions of Nightcrawer. I’d have rather it just be left a mystery instead of them being some sort of shape-changing demons on either the path of good or evil.

So with the selection of X-titles to choose from nowadays it can be tough deciding which one to read but if your a long time X-fan and loved the original Uncanny title as much as me then you owe it to yourself to try Amazing X-Men. You won’t be disappointed.