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Amazing X-Men

Writer: Jason Aaronnightcrawler-amazing-x-men
Art: Ed McGuinnes
Inks: Dexter Vines
Colors: Marte Gracia
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Once upon a time, Marvel Comics published only one X-book. Yup. let that sink in for just a minute, just one. Nowadays all you need to do is choose an adjective and you’ve got your X-title. Some stand out more then others, and thankfully the newest addition to the X-Books Amazing X-Men is one of those titles.
The X-Men have such a long history of strife, conflict, loss and prejudice its a breath of fresh air to have a title that shows how close these characters are to each other and how those relationships have been strengthened over the years of their being a team. Amazing focuses on bringing back not only all the joy and adventure of the classic Uncanny title but in this first story arc, bringing back a much missed member of the team, Nightcrawer.

Sure over the years we’ve seen team members join, die, and come back in some fashion or another so a returning comic character isn’t that big of deal these days but we’ve waiting far too long for Nightcrawer to come back and writer Jason Aaron does a great job showing us just how missed he was not just to us, but to each member of the X-Men as well.

lets be amazingI suppose if I had anything bad to say about this book, it would have to be the silly origin of the bamfs, the little cartoony versions of Nightcrawer. I’d have rather it just be left a mystery instead of them being some sort of shape-changing demons on either the path of good or evil.

So with the selection of X-titles to choose from nowadays it can be tough deciding which one to read but if your a long time X-fan and loved the original Uncanny title as much as me then you owe it to yourself to try Amazing X-Men. You won’t be disappointed.


Death in Comics – A Rant

With the release of the AvX Trade Collection this week I thought why not revisit the comic event of last summer and one of the dramatic deaths of the title.

Death in comics

Spolier for AvX

prof x

Professor X dies in AvX 11 at the hands of a insane cyclops possessed by the Phoenix force. A Force of nature that has the power of death and life….keep that in mind.  He’s still dead but its only been a few months.

Being as it may, I thought I’d go over some other deaths in the Marvel Universe and see what happened and just how long dead equals dead.

Human Torch.  Dead for like…two or three months.  Was he dead? Yes but the alien nature of the Negative Zone gave Annihilius access to worms that could knit Johnny Storm back together and bring him back to life through alien medicine.  Currently Johnny Storm has been reunited with the Fantastic Four and all is well. Its cool.

Hawkeye – Died fighting off an alien invasion during the Avengers Disassembled storyline because of the Scarlet Witch.  Brought back to life when the Scarlet Witch created an alternate timeline where Mutants where in charge of the world.  That Hawkeye survived the timeline repair and is back amongst us in the Main Marvel Universe which begs the question, does a alternate timeline version count as a resurrection?

Vision – Destroyed durning the Avengers Disassembled storyline by the Scarlett Witch.  Tony Stark finally got around to working on his remains after a few years and finally figured out  how to reactivate the Vision.  Vision is still pissed off that his wife killed him and that it took Tony so long to fix him.

Captain Marvel – Killed by cancer.  Made various reappearance’s over the years (mostly for copyright reasons) but still remains dead. So far this death stuck.

Elektra – Killed by Bullseye, Ninja Magic by the Hand attempted to revive her as an undead assassin only to be stopped by Daredevil.  The love of Daredevil brought her back to life and she is given a second chance.  (this is one of the good resurrections)

XMen – Colossus died from the Legacy Virus only to have his body stolen years later by an alien named Ord and revived.  He is reunited with the Xmen years later.  Joss Whedon brings back a great character, gives us a great moment with Colossus and Kitty Pryde, too bad Colossus isn’t treated better after AvX.

Magik aka Illyana Rasputin sister to Colossus died from the Legacy Virus.  She got better….and she’s some kind of demon lady now.

Jean Grey aka Phoenix – Killed herself to stop the Phoenix Force from causing further damage to the Marvel Universe.  Got better.  Phoenix Force became a problem again.  Died again.

Havok aka Alex Summers – Died in an Airship trying to stop Greystone from activating a faulty time machine.  Somehow launched into a parallel timeline and possessed his alternate timeline’s body.  All better.  Honestly, this return is a little wonkey.

Magneto – Died in the wreckage of his burning citadel.  Got better. Died again.. Got better. Changed costumes. Became Onslaught. Died again. Got better. rinse and repeat.

Jubilee – bitten by a vampire.  Became a vampire…technically still dead.

Cable – Died in an exploding time portal leaving behind only his techno organic arm.  Turned out he was propelled to the far future.  Came back to fight the Avengers.  Still alive.

Sabertooth – Decapitated by wolverine.  Revived by the ninja order The Hand. Ahh…the Hand.  If it isn’t aliens, or alternative timelines, leave it to the ninjas to bring our boys back!

Bucky – Died fighting the Nazis in WW2. Revived, given a mechanical arm and trained by the Soviets to work for them.  Fought off their brainwashing only to replace Captain America while he was “dead”. Died during Fear Itself. Got better in under 2 minutes. Alive.

and finally Captain America.  Shot during the aftermath of the Marvel Civil War with a..get this.  A Time Bullet.  Somehow his mind and soul bounces around time only to be replaced in his preserved body a few years later.  At least he wasn’t frozen in ice this time.

Well, there you have it.  If you live in the Marvel Universe and have any sort of powers you can expect to die.  A LOT. but not for good, so good luck Heroes and Villains, if it isn’t aliens alternate timelines, mindswaps or Time Bullets that saves you can always bank on Ninjas!